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Contact AOK

General Inquiries & Press

For general inquiries or press, please either fill out the form below, send us a letter, or email us. We can't wait to hear from you!

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address:

Adventist Outreach Kids

Attn: Bel Orinda, President

4124 Farrington Road

Durham, North Carolina 27707

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AOK Board of Directors:

Bel Orinda

Founder & President

[email protected]

Mong'ina Omundi

Executive Vice President

[email protected]

Noble Obodum

Vice President, Operations

[email protected]

Matthew Atisa

Vice President, Musical Ministries

[email protected]

Adaeze Ibeanu

Vice President, AOK Mini Squad

[email protected]

Debbie Quintin

AOK Head Advisor

[email protected]

Michael Folkes

AOK Advisor

[email protected]

AOK Leadership Interns:

Christopher Odondi

Intern Head of Evangelism

Eden Obodum

Intern Vice President of Operations & IT

Joella Orinda

Intern Head of Youth Outreach

Teresa Ibeanu

Intern Head of Community Outreach

Heri Ongechi

Intern Head of Senior Outreach

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