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Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ:
As a Seventh-Day Adventist based organization, our duty is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His love all over the world. Of course, we can't do this all alone. God makes everything AOK does possible, and we are extremely thankful for His grace and guidance. While God is AOK's Supreme Provider, we still need your prayers and support. With 19 members, 8 Mini Squaders (junior AOKs), and counting, along with many programs and activities to plan and host
, we really do need support from friends like you. That's why we are setting up this page, so that you can help us spread the message not only with your love and prayers, but your monetary support as well.

   We ask that you would please take time to fill out the form below if you would like to send in a donation. We will then call or email you with instructions on how to send in your donation. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] for more information. (We are working on bringing online donations to our site.) If you have any technical issues, please feel free to email our Webmaster at [email protected].
  Thank you for you time, love, generosity, and support.

In His Service,
Bel Orinda, Founder & President

Noble Obodum, Vice President of Operations & IT